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If you are like me, and you don´t have SQL Server installed locally on your dev laptop thanks to docker and the wsl2… you will love this. I´ve just updated the docker images that contains all the samplesdb database with the lastest version of SQL Server.

This is the official Docker Hub repository where you will find the images.

Version Tag Note
2019 2019-latest Based on 2019-CU6-ubuntu-16.04
2019 2019-CU6-ubuntu-16.04  
2019 2019-CU4-ubuntu-16.04  
2019 2019-ctp2.5-ubuntu DEPRECATED
2017 2017-latest Based on 2017-CU22-ubuntu-16.04
2017 2017-CU22-ubuntu-16.04  
2017 2017-CU20-ubuntu-16.04  
2017 2017-latest-ubuntu DEPRECATED

NOTE: Tags are based on the official MS repository


For more info, please take a look to this video (Spanish)

And go to the official GitHub repository where you will find the source code of mssql-server-samplesdb